Monday, February 21, 2011

The only connection I have for Presidents' Day

I guess our family doesn't have a lot of connections with Presidents but I do have one story for you. Charles Long (aka Carl Lange) settled in Springfield, IL.  His daughter, Emma, married Ernest August Brueggemann.

I guess you know the most famous resident of Springfield and they are both buried in the same cemetery.  Ernest left us some notes about their connection:

C H.'s business consisted of a bakery, grocery, and seed. Abe Lincoln's office was accross the street, and he 
bought his groceries and bread from C. H. Long. The latter, when relating his association with Abe never forgot 
to add: Abe always asked for stale-bread. He thought it to be healthier.

C. H. had a good comma
nd of fluent English, but with a brogue. He called Lincoln "Abe" and the latter called 
him "Charley", and they would swap jokes. C. H. Laughed until tears flowed telling the story about Murphy.
When C. H. had his back turned to customers, Murphy filled his pockets with eggs from the egg basket. Then C.
H. hastened to the front and gleefully addressed him: "Hello Murphy, you are looking fine", and patted him on his

shoulder and roughly struck his pockets. Murphy said nothing but walked out as if he were sick.

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