Monday, February 14, 2011

On this Day in 1918..

Ernst August Brueggemann Jr and Dora Loose married on this day in 1918. 
Gus and Dora, a couple of years after the wedding
Gus sure had the Brueggeman hair!

From Selma's Diary:
August was married by Rev. Lothmann, Lousie and O.K. (Editor Note: Louise was eldest sister and OK was her future husband, Otto Krausman) were best man and maid of honor, Augusta Kocha and Edwin also stood up with Dora and August.  We had a wedding supper at Looses' house and was very good including chicken and everything else that was good.  Then in the evening Dora and August went to Cleveland where they spent their wedding moon......It rained and we had to carry Emma's children home.  Emma was also at the wedding, all our family were there except Walter and he could not come as he was at Concordia College....We all had to cry a little bit when August left, but it was no wonder to think of losing such a good brother, he certainly was always good to his folks.

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