Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family Artifacts

As time passes, family artifacts get spread more thinly and I wonder if the details sometimes get lost.  Part of the goal of this blog is to gather pictures and stories in one place so as to be available to all interested parties.  Rev. Eugene Brueggeman said in an email to me that these things "belong" to the whole family.  He has a bed that was made by Clamor Ludwig Brueggeman and a chair that he didn't make but was in his home. Eugene was even born in this bed, a bed made by his great-grandfather.

I would encourage those who have "family treasures" to photograph them and tell their stories to your family, even leaving a note inside or on the bottom.  Of course, I'd love it if you shared them with me even if not directly related.  Everything has a story that may be interesting to others.

Ray has a tobacco jar that was Thomas Roberts Riley. It's not a valuable piece by any means but it is the only thing he has of his grandfather's.  When I was reviewing some pictures with Nori, she noticed it in this one.  How nice it is to have this item but also have it in a picture with him.

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