Sunday, August 14, 2011

Identifying Where Photos were taken

I have two photos of Sid Riley and his friend, Bill Whittaker .  I don't know when they were taken (maybe someone who knows cars can help here) but I have figured out where they were taken!  Again, the internet is an amazing thing for the arm chair genealogist.   These photos were taken at the Glendale Cemetery in Akron.  I will write more about the Cemetery later.
I started with this picture since the name "Hill" was so prominent.  I found this picture from an Akron resident who photographed most of the mausoleums at Glendale.
The Hill family were involved in the sewer pipe manufacturing industry in Akron.

In the second picture, there wasn't a name, it wasn't as easy to find.  The picture was taken on the same day as the other after looking carefully at their clothing.  This mausoleum is also in Glendale.  It is the oldest one.  It was built by the "developer" of the cemetery, Dr. A. Commins to inter his son.
from an 1880 photograph

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