Saturday, August 20, 2011

1910 Census

I will begin to cover the different families at the time of the 1910 Census.  It think will be interesting to find out about people at the same point in time.
This is Ernst August Brueggeman family identified in 1910 Census.  The census taker had trouble with their name and it is really hard to read.  The person who indexed the record for has them listed as the Berryemara family.

It appears that they lived in a two family home as the Samuel Nelson family is listed at the same address.  I am having a hard time reading the street.  It looks like 1530 Wheeling Avenue.  
Here is a link to Google Maps for a view of the street today.  It appears that a street view isn't available. 

Ernst is listed as a publisher, daughter Louise is a printer, daughter Emma is a Stenographer and Edwin (at 17) is listed as a hardware salesman.  At this time none of the children have married and all are living at home.

Mr. Nelson worked as a Burner at Brick plant and his daughter was a Decorator at a Pottery (see previous post about Zanesville).  He was from Ireland.  This wasn't just a German neighborhood.  There were quite a variety of occupations represented like musician, photo engraver, carpenter, book keeper, and telephone operator.  The Brueggemann family owned their home as did the Nelsons.  The rest of the street looks like it was split pretty evenly between owner and renters.   The Brueggemanns and the Nelsons owned their home mortgage free.

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