Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1910 Census: Louis Brueggeman

Louis was living with his wife and family in Cleveland.  His father, Clamor, had died in 1909.  I have been told that this was Clamor's house.  He lived with Louis prior to his death.  

Louis was 48 and his wife, Wilhelmina (known as Minnie) was 44.
Children:   Meta (19), Rudolph (17), Edward (15), Cornelia (8) and William (5)

Louis was listed as being a Grocer with his own store.  Their daughter, Meta, was a Stenographer for a Carbon Company and their son, Rudolf, was listed as an Surveyor's Apprentice, a skill that was to be greatly valued when he served in World War I.   Meta and the three youngest children attended school after Sept 1, 1909.

This is a photo taken in 1910 in a Cleveland grocery store.
It is not Louis' store, but it gives a glimpse what his store may have looked like at the time. 

They were living at 2034 West 93rd Street. Here is current info on the house.  The house was listed on the Census as being owned mortgage free. It was built in 1896 and today has five bedrooms.  According to Google Maps, this is the house today.  Kind of cute.
The neighborhood was not a German enclave.  Most of the residents were born of Native born citizens and those that weren't, most were English.  There occupations ranged from an Elevator Man at a hotel, to a mailman, to foremen, to a publisher.  Most owned their homes, many without a mortgage.

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