Friday, August 12, 2011

300th Post and Family Picture Friday

Well, I've made it to 300 posts....When I started this blog 9 months ago, I am sure some wondered if I'd run out of things to post about.  The readership of the blog grows every week as more and more Rileys and Brueggemans find out that it exists. I hope that more of you will contribute stories and photos to share with others.  One of the best compliments I have received was from Chris in San Diego (a Benhoff) is that I've taught her that family history is more than names and dates on a piece of paper.  I depend on all of you to help me out.  Just a little thing can make an interesting post.  You can contact me via email  lynner4 @ aol dot com or by leaving a comment at the bottom of any post.

Family Picture Friday
I was looking through Selma's pictures this week, looking at them enlarged.  I found what I thought was familiar face or two (unlabeled). 

Did  Charles and Louise Long (Lange) come to visit their daughter, Emma Long Brueggemann.  He died in 1902.  I am confused about the labels.  Selma looks too old to be that tall in 1902 and Karl and Elmer, too old in this picture.  Compare the photo to known photos of Louise and Charles and see what you think.  Is this the Zanesville house?  If that is really Selma, then who are these people?  Lots of other unknowns in the picture as well.

close up from this photo
known photo of Charles and Louise
Louise from this photo

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