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1910 Census: Sophia K Brueggemann

The next census record from 1910 is the Sophia K Brueggemann Reinhardt family.  She was the youngest daughter of Clamor and the second youngest child.  She had been married to Rev. John F.W. Reinhardt for 18 years in 1910.  If I read the census record correctly, they were living at 214 West Garden in Pensacola, Florida.
Their children:
Stella K. (17)
Otto C. (15)
Clara (12)
Everett (11)
Harry G.B. (9)
A Leonhardt (3)

All of their children were born in Florida.
As we learned the other day, school wasn't mandatory after the age of 14.  I don't know what Florida required, but neither Stella nor Otto had been in school at anytime after September 1, 1909. 

The family was listed as being renters.  

My favorite occupation of one of their neighbors, William Davis, was a Book Maker at a Race Track.  He was a boarder at Mrs. Flora Brown's boarding house.
Pensacola was a growing community when the Reinhardt's arrived.  In  1890, the population was 11,750 ( a 71% over 1880), 1900 it was 17,747 ( a 51% increase) and in 1910 it was 22,892 (a 29.5% increase).
Louisville and Nashville Railway Station 1910
This fort built in 1836 guarded the entrance at Pensacola Bay, on the west side (Johnson Beach) opposite Fort Pickens. It was heavily damaged during the Civil War and erosion collapsed what was left of it. One of the early hurricanes (1906 or 1916) pretty much destroyed what was left (as seen in this 1910 postcard),.
Pensacola Harbor circa 1900-1910

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