Monday, June 6, 2011

Paul Bennhoff

I had posted a picture of Paul Bennhoff and other Brueggemann family members here.  Here is a close-up of Paul:
David Reinhardt has made contact with one of Paul's sons, Christ Bennhoff from California.  Here is an excerpt from his email to David:
Another website called “Life of Riley” I found for Brueggemann. That one has a picture of my DAD as a toddler standing on a chair for a family group picture, making it abt 1898. Boy. .  that one stopped me in my tracks!  Another person doing research on our dad, found his ‘draft registration cards’, for WWI 1917/1918, there in Cleveland. I’m getting so many surprises!! As you probably know, everything links back to Ancestry!! 
I never know who visits my blog so it was fun for me to get this email from David.  As I credited in the original posting, this photo came from David Reinhardt.  Below is the the WWI draft registration card mentioned:
Paul was 22 years old and his employment says he was a banker for Clark Ave Savings Bank.  He was unmarried at the time.  I will email Chris to get more details about Paul.  Just to help you keep it straight, Paul would be the great grandson of Clamor.

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