Friday, June 3, 2011

The Riley Boys and the Spelling Bee

Some of my readers probably don't know about the Riley boys and the Akron Spelling Bee.  In case you missed it, the finals for 2011 were on ESPN last night.  The winner was a  fourteen year old girl named Sukanya Roy. She cinched the win by correctly spelling “cymotrichous,” which apparently means “wavy hair.

The winer  For some reason, lost to time, Selma wanted her boys to be competitive spellers.  The eldest son, Norm, made it to the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC in 1939.

Mason School Children organized a Parade honoring Norm's win of the Akron City
Spelling Bee.

David was the runner-up in the Akron City Bee in 1941.

 Tom competed in 1948.

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