Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Letter from Selma to her older sister, Emma

Selma would often keep copies of letters she sent in her diary.  This letter is dated July 1, 1918.  Letters are a great source of information as the writer tends to share the going ons of their life:

Dear Emma: 
      I received your letter and we all were glad to hear from you.  We were also glad to hear that your babies are all well.  Emma can't you and Walter come to Akron with darlings sometimes this summer?  We'll pay your way if you can manage to come.
      We did not go to Cleveland yesterday but are going there for the fourth.  We went to Miller's farm yesterday afternoon, and in the evening Art and I, Lydia and Harold, Linda and our Walter went to the Liberty.
      Mama made Rhubard (sic) and Pineapple Marvelaid last week.  Mrs. Loose gave her the Rhubard (sic), Walter and Louise went to the Fish Fry last week which the choirs gave, it cost a dollar a plate, and then they went in the hole.  Walter was told to come so he did not have to pay, he could not get over it.  He said "I thought I was still in Zanesville".
      Last Wednesday Night the young people of the Concordia Lutheran church gave a "lawn fete" or ice cream Social.  The boys on my team helped me make a stand and I got off in the afternoon, then in the evening I sold the tickets and on the side sold thrift stamps.  I sold almost $25 worth.  I was afraid this would cause hard feelings with the other teams but instead they told me they thought it was a pretty good stunt, and wish they would have thought of it.  I now have $51.00, and have a $50.00 order.  I am now ahead in our thrift stamp campaign and I hope I will stay ahead.
     Last Friday afternoon the Commissioners gave the other girl in our office and me complimentary tickets to go to the Horse Races at the Fair Grounds.  The races were very good.
      We also received a letter from Papa and also one from Edna Burhenn.  Papa is now in Baltimore and said he was having a good time.  They also sent two pictures, one of which is Edna Burhenn dressed in a Red Cross Costume, the other is one of Rev. dressed in an uniform.  Beside his work, he preaches at one of the camps.  Papa wrote he went to the camp with him and was treated like an officer that is Rev. Burhenn was also saluted by the other.
      Our minister will do that work.  Next Sunday will be his last sermon for a long time, will also have communion. Last Saturday we received a letter from Victor Brugge (I guess that is the way it is spelled.  It seems so funny to write the name like that) is in Cleveland.  He said he was working during the week so the only time in which he could come up was on Sunday and would be much obliged if we would arrange a date for him to preach here either in English or German, but he preferred to preach English
      Next Sunday our Sunday School class "Live Wire" are going out to Springfield Lake and have supper at Mable Buerhle's cottage.
      I am enclosing a picture of Art and I, Lydia and Harold, and Linda and Cletus Lohr.
Your loving sister

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