Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stacey Gratton Part 2

I was looking again at the 1930 census for Stacey Gratton and family.  Actually, it lists Richard Gratton as a stepson rather than his son.  Richard was using the Gratton name so I don't know if it was for convenience or if Stacey adopted him.  There is also a difference between the 1920 and 1930 census regarding his year of immigration.  The 1920 census shows 1910 (he would have been 19) and the 1930 census shows 1914.
Richard was born in 1915 and his given name was Richard Hitchcock.  His mother was May S.  Hitchcock.  Richard died in 1990 in San Francisco. Richard is listed in one record as Dr. Richard Gratton.  I looked for Richard's family and discovered he had a son, Richard Gratton.  I was really hoping to find a living Gratton but he died at age 54 in 2001.
Stacey other son was Donald B.  He born in 1922 in Alameda County, California and died there in 1984.
I would love to find a living relative of Mary Riley.  Her only daughter died at age 39 and had never married.  There another brother, James Maxwell Gratton.  He went to "Public" school in England and I wonder if Ezra helped pay that bill.  It seems like a luxury for a Methodist Minister to send his son to such a school (Kingswood School).

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