Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hilliards School House

In pictures that Selma left was this picture.  I had overlooked it until today.  It is such a great picture of the school house that the Brueggeman children attended.  Selma frequently only labeled her father, herself, and one or two of her sisters.  
Be sure to double click on the picture to look at it bigger.  I am sure the picture includes some, if not all, of her older siblings.  I would guess the boy on the far right side in the dark shirt is Gus (August) as his hair surely looks like "Brueggeman hair". Selma was born in 1899 and if she attended school at this time, this would make the picture from around 1905.    We should be able to find Louise (approximately 15-16), Emma (14-15), Edwin (11-12), and Gus (9-10).  Linda is marked and she would be approximately 7-8.  Ernst August looks so young standing next to the bicycle.

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