Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Burial Records as a source: Charles Long

Records from cemeteries are great resources to help track family history and relationship.  Ray, Nori and Max went to Springfield and stopped by the cemetery where Charles Long is buried.  He is buried in the same cemetery as Abraham Lincoln.  Here is the record:
He purchased the plot on September 19, 1866 to bury Lorette H Long.  The record is misspelled as I know they had a daughter, Lisette Wihelmine (their first child) who was born  November 13, 1865 and died September 17, 1866.  The next record is for an infant child who died April 6, 1869.  I didn't know about this child.  I assume this child was still born since it wasn't named.  This is information that no one had before looking at this cemetery information.  When Ray got this record, he wrote on it and the name written beside the infant, really belongs to the first record.

The next listing is for George Miller, husband of Elizabeth Long.  I am very confused by the date listed.  It cannot be 1850 since it would have been before he was born (1869) but 1950 seems out of order since the rest of the burials are sequential.  

Charles Long is listed next which confirms information I already had,  February 4, 1902.  What I did find on this record was his cause of death was Heart Disease.

Lousie Nagel Long's sister, Mary  was buried next, at least I think it is her.  I am very confused as I found a wedding record for her and Herman Merkle at Trinity Lutheran Church.    I really don't know what is right since she is listed as Mary Nagel in the cemetery record.

Louise Long (again misspelled) is next.  She died in Wisconsin (1923) as she was living with her daughter Anna Long Griese.  They brought her back to be buried in Springfield. 

The last is Elizabeth K Miller.  She is the daughter of Charles and Louise and wife of George Miller and sister of Emma Long Brueggeman.  She died  June 11, 1943.

As you can see, much information can be gained by getting the burial records.

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