Saturday, December 25, 2010

On this day in 1878....

Peter Silvanus Maybury died on this day in 1878 at 46. He was the father of Elizabeth Ann Maybury (mother of Sidney Riley). How sad that he died on Christmas Day.  Elizabeth was present at his death.  He died one year and three days after his wife, Amelia.  He was listed as a house painter and living at 4 Frankfort Street.  It looks like from the map that it wasn't quite back-to-back housing but does look like it was an industrial area.  He died of Brights Disease (kidney disease).  His grandson, Norman O. Riley, died of the same disease in 1920.
How sad that he and his wife died. Their daughter Carrie, became head of household at 22 and had the responsibility of four younger siblings.

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