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How much did it cost for Holiday Foods 100 years ago?

I imagine many of your are starting your grocery shopping for your Christmas Dinner.  I found this list of what it would have cost our parents and grandparents 100 years ago.  Funny how some items are so much more expensive relative to others compared to today's prices (i.e. mushrooms)

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How much did it cost to stock holiday tables in 1910? 
These prices were advertised in The Daily Record [Morris County New Jersey], December 15-25, 1910
Meat & fowl
Morris County geese, 20/lb
Morris County ducks, .22/lb
Ohio dry picked turkeys, fancy, .28/lb
Ohio dry picked chickens, .22/lb
Hind quarters of lamb, .16/lb
Loins of Pork, .18/lb
Fresh hams, .18/lb
Sirloin and Porterhouse steak, .16/lb
Sardines, imported, .10/can
Bell's Poultry Seasining, .10/box

Mushrooms, .60/lb
Sweet sugar corn, .09/can
Maine cream corn, J.S. brand, .11/can
Sweet peas, Pride of Jersey brand, .12/can
Jersey Tomatoes, J.S. Brand, .14/can
Lima Beans, Burlington brand, .11/can
String beans, Golden Wedding brand, .09/can
Asparagus tips, .23/can
Olives, plain or stuffed, .25/bottle
Cape Cod cranberries, .12/quart
Finest Leghorn citron, .18/lb
Candied lemon or orange peel,
Crystallized ginger, .15cents/box
Table raisins, .12/lb
Smyrna figs, .10/box
Fard dates, .08/pakage
Large grape fruit, .25/4 fruits
Sweet Florida oranges, .25/dozen
Oregon Apples, .40/dozen
Malaga grapes, .15/lb
Bartlett pears, .23/can
California apricots, .15/can
Hawaiian Pineapple, .15/can

Dairy, eggs & cheese
Fresh western eggs, .28/dozen
Fresh creamery butter, .35/lb
Swiss cheese, imported, .29/lb
Cakes, candies, & nuts
New Years cake, .12/lb
Plum Pudding, Curtis Bros., .22/lb
Mince meat, None Such, .25/3 pkgs
Walnuts, .18/lb
Pecans, .18/lb
Taragona almonds, .18/lb
Jumbo Brazils,
Filberts, .15/lb
Old fashioned broken candy (fancy ribbon candy), .15/lb
Chocolate drops, .15/.lb
Peanut brittle, .10/lb
Jelly Bon Bons, .10/lb

Sweet cider, .25/gallon
Condensed milk, .25/3 cans
Tea, Viceroy, in fancy Xmas cans, .50/lb
Coffee, 3 lb bag, .25/lb

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