Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Documenting Christmas Traditions

I saw on another blog the importance of documenting your family's Christmas Traditions.  We can spend so much time and energy documenting the lives of our ancestors that we forget to document our own family.  I am sure there are many elaborate traditions but some simple ones as well.

I am sure many families do what we did as children and what we did with our children, New Jammies on Christmas Eve.  Trust me, it is much harder to do with boys.
Lynne 1960
Max 1995

Think about your traditions and how they started.  One of our "little" traditions has to do with Captain Crunch.  Wouldn't Quaker Oats be thrilled?  When the kids were little Mom and Dad would have them all over to spend the night before Christmas to unwrap Mom's Santas.  It became known as Santa Slumber Party.  They would give them Christmas Captain Crunch for breakfast.  The Captain Crunch morphed into what they wanted for Christmas Dinner.  Every year Dad still looks for it and my boys, now in their 20's, still want it if it can be found.

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