Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Aunt Emma's Springerle Cookie Recipe

My Dad has fond memories of Christmas Sweets.  His poor mom, would fill a 5 gallon tin with cookies, and they would be gone in a flash with six boys in the house.

One of his favorite were Springerle.   At some point, he convinced Mom to try to make them.  I don't remember tasting the outcome but they were never a Christmas tradition so I imagine they didn't live up to Selma's.  Nori got the recipe from Selma's sister, Emma.  Not sure why Nori got the recipe from Emma and not Selma, maybe it was Emma's speciality.

Maybe the "problem" was, they didn't sit for long enough.  From what I've read, they need to sit for two or three weeks for the flavors develop.

Here is the letter that Emma sent Nori in 1974.

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