Friday, December 3, 2010

Following My Own Advice on Labeling Photos

This was a picture in the envelope Theda Hill sent me.  It was taken at the funeral of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Maybury Riley in September of 1946.  I had Ray identify everyone for me but I tried to figure out the best way to record the info.  I used Photoshop (filters>stylize>find edges) to outline and then painted the faces white, typed numbers on the faces.

There has to be a quicker way.  I messed with picture way too long.  It does make an easy to read guide to the picture though.  I should add to the outline the date and occasion information to make sure the record is complete.  I can place these two pictures on one page for you so you can print at home. Leave me a comment and I'll email you the file.

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