Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thomas Robert Riley?

My first blog post last year was about the birthday of Thomas Roberts Riley (son of Ezra Riley, father of Sid Riley).  He was born November 18, 1858. He lost his mother when he was only 5.
I received this picture from Theda Hill.  It is unidentified but I am almost certain it is Thomas Roberts.  It is printed on glass with silver on the back.  This technique was only used for a few years which would match up with Tom being this age in the picture.  I read recently that during this time were often taken when a loved one died.  It sure looks like Tom.  I showed the picture to Max and asked him who he thought it was and he immediately said Tom.  Sorry about the quality but I don't want to use a flash.  The picture is in rough shape which is to be expected for a 148 year old picture.  I need to find someone who can conserve it.

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