Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bud Bischoff: Video

There is a video full of pictures of Bud and his family here.  You will have to wait a minute or two to get into the pictures (after the Funeral Home intro).
From Bud's memorial page, written by Lance Factor (son of Emma Louise Bischoff, grandson of Emma Brueggeman)
Dear Donna and Family,
It is with deep sadness that I received the news of Bud's passing. I have many good memories of visiting your home, enjoying your hospitality and also Bud's sense of humor. He always seemed to have a good joke to tell. I can now remember only one or two, which I will keep in memory, but there were many. 
On one visit I recall that Bud took all of the kids for a ride in his new car. I believe it was a 1957 black and white Mercury sedan, absolutely sparkling and flashing in its newness. We drove around Zanesville, taking in the sights and feeling as if we were on fun holiday trip. 
I think Bud had a gift for enjoying the small pleasures of life, like telling stories about life in Akron, his service in the Army, and things in general. I know Bud had a sterling career as a teacher, and being a teacher myself, I can understand the rewards of that profession. But I also remember Bud's hardware store and some of the men who came to visit with him. They had respect for his knowledge and friendly ways, and so did I.
Later on I came to understand and admire Bud's devout Christian faith. It sustained him through sad times, and I know that you shared all of that with him. It is written that faith, along with hope and love, are virtues, and virtues are qualities that people exercise in concrete ways- adding to the lives of others. It is a gift and blessing to have a person, like Bud, in one's life. I will always remember him.
With deepest sympathy, 
Lance Factor, Knox College,Galesburg, Il

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