Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Follow Up on Paul Brueggeman's Post

I rarely get comments on blog posts so I really don't look for them.  I found one tonight that gives us a lot more information:

Paul R. Brueggeman was in the 1st Marine Division. He was injured in a friendly fire incident in which he lost his right leg and his left leg was severely injured. Wounds received in service 6/45 Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands. Participated in operations against enemy forces on Cape Gloucester, New Britain, 12/43- 2/44; Pelelieu, Palau Islands, Okinawa, 4/45-6/45, and Ryukyu Islands 4/45-6/45. Also served in New Caledonia, New Guinea, Russell Islands, and Guadal Canal. He was Awarded Purple Heart and Presidential Unit Citation, and Good Conduct Medal. Other notes:

 His oldest son Paul Alan Brueggeman also served as a Marine in Vietnam. {Paul R. oldest Granddaughter- 2nd Lt. Navy. Candace Marie Brueggeman(James R.) has just returned from serving in a year in Iraq.
----Donna Brueggeman

Thanks Donna for providing the great information on this branch of the family's service!  Unfortunately, I am not sure "who" Donna "belongs to" but I will email her tonight.

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