Sunday, July 17, 2011

Questions on Elizabeth Ann Maybury's Birth

I realized recently that I don't have Lizzie's birthday recorded any where.  I have birth year's reported by census takers but they are all over the place:
1930              1865
1920              1866
1910              1863
1901              1861
1881              1859
1871              1859
1861              1859

Dad remembers there being a question of whether she was older than Tom.  I do have his birth certificate and he was born in November of 1858.  So it is clear that she was not older than he was.  I imagine the 1859 date is a good one.  The census usually only lists an age so the date of birth is calculated from that.  Depending when the census was taken, it may have been before or after their birthday.

I cannot find in the indexes her birth record.  I did find her older sisters record during the second quarter of 1856, registered in Wolverhampton.  In the 1861 census, the family was living in Wolverhampton.  I did find an Elizabeth Maybury who was born in the 4th quarter of 1860 but she was born in West Bromwich.  This wouldn't work out for her to be the age of 2 in 1861.  Mary Jane Riley Lacke hired a professional genealogist in England in 1990 (in the days before the internet resources).  She wrote Mary Jane to say:
  "I wrote first of all to the Registrar that covers the Willenhall district requesting a birth certificate of Elizabeth Anne Maybury.  She rang me to say that she could find no such birth in spite of checking from 1860-1865.  In addition to checking her own area she had rung the Registrars of the adjacent areas of West Bromwich and Walsall and they could find no record either....It is always possible that the birth was never registered as it was not illegal to not register a birth until 1875."

Since her older sister's birth was registered, I would imagine that Lizzie's birth would have been too.  Does anybody have her birthday (Month and Day)?

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