Thursday, July 14, 2011

A post from my other side..

As you know, I focus this blog on the Riley and Brueggeman families.  I am still working "behind the scenes" on my mother's family.  I found this yesterday and just had to share it for the genealogy buffs who read my blog.  The people mentioned in the newspaper article would be my mother's great grandparents.  They lived in Weston, WV and this took place in 1907:

Obit: Weston: William L Cutright despondent over the death of his wife which occurred early this morning and the serious illness of his son, who has typhoid fever, killed himself tonight. Mrs Cutright and her son, James were both ill of Typhoid. she dies this morning and James is very low. Grieving Cutright took a revolver from the dresser , kissed his wife's dead body and went about 7 o'clock this evening to a vacant store room near his home, where he shot himself through the head. His body was found there a little later. He and his wife will be buried together. Cutright was about 40 years old, and was an employee of the Cresant Window Glass Company.

It is also a good lesson for genealogist, you cannot take a single record for documentation.  William was actually 49 in 1907, not "about 40".  James also died the same day.  Mom's grandmother was six months pregnant at the time with her dad.  Can you imagine the family's grief over such a loss?

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