Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Couple of Original Records to Share

David Reinhardt continues to generously share records with me so I can share them with you.  I received this death certificate from him  Death Certificates provide information that is sometimes unknown without them, particularly cause of death and place of burial. 
This is Friederich Brueggemann's death certificate.  He was one of Clamor's sons.  He died from a Cerebral Hemorrhage (stroke).  It states that he was under a doctor's care for two hours and was buried three days after his death in the Lutheran Cemetery in Cleveland.
The format varies by jurisdiction but this one lists his occupation, his parent's name and their place of birth.  Death records like this are great if someone was born before records were required to be kept.  Often, information on a birth record can be found on a death record.

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