Monday, July 4, 2011


This picture was labeled by Selma as1915.  By the pattern of the stars it appears to be a 45 star flag, in use from 1896-1908.
Given how old EAB appears and the age of the daughters, 1915 does look right.  Selma didn't identify the three girls.  Maybe  Selma in the middle?
Mom and Dad's neighborhood has a parade every year.  This picture is from the Bicentennial.  Ray was part of the Kazoo Band and I am in the convertible in the background.  Judy was on a float as the Statue of Liberty, can't find the picture.  The tradition continues and when my boys were small they were in the parade too.
 This was from 1992 (500th Anniversary --1492 Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue.  They were Montezuma and Cortez  (makes sense because their father is an Anthropologist who studies Mexico).

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