Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st is a Birthday Day here on the blog

July 1 is a busy birthday day in the Riley Family.

Bonnie Way Riley, wife of Ron Riley, is celebrating her birthday.  They live in the Orlando, Florida area.  She is the mother of four sons:  Russell,  Greg,  Kent,  and Troy.
Taken in 1957
The second birthday being celebrated today is my cousin, Liz Riley Marshall.  She is the daughter of Mark and Minnalu Riley.   I don't have early pictures of Liz (hint hint Katie).

The final birthday is that of my father, Ray Riley.  He is the fifth of six Riley boys.  Sidney Riley was his father and Selma Brueggeman was his mother.  He is the biggest fan of this blog.  I feel like I'm giving him a gift everyday.  If he was the only reader ( and maybe my Uncle Dave ) it would be totally worth it.  LOVE YOU DAD!

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