Friday, November 26, 2010

"Umm Gravy Ladle"

All families have expressions that they use that others may not understand.  Mom (Nori) reminded us of the origin of "Umm Gravy Ladle".  We use it when something is particularly good, usually food.  Of course, it came up at Thanksgiving Dinner.  Judy was enjoying the meal very much.  Mom said "Umm Gravy Ladle".  The kids had heard the expression used but didin't know where it came from.

My Aunt Judy was at college and the doors to the dining room were closed and the students were waiting out side.  One student, Charles, has a deep interest in food, given his appearance.  He was straining to see what was for dinner through the cracks in the curtains.  He spied gravy ladles on the tables and said, "Umm Gravy Ladles" with particular joy.  Thus, a family expression was born.

I am sure your family has them too.  Be sure to share the origins with the younger generations.  Some expressions are born more recently.  A couple in our family are "You're Cheeseing me" (for teasing) and "Moron of the Castle" (for village idot).  

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