Friday, November 19, 2010

Thomas Roberts Riley Birth Certificate

There are some conflicting sources on his year of birth.  Some census records list it as about 1861.  It is clear from the birth record that it was 1858.

Ezra was listed as a Journeyman Blacksmith.  I think it is interesting that it took his mother, Jane, until December 23 to record his birth.  I have been searching for his Christening info but have not been able to locate it.  We're still looking for it.  In fact, we haven't found Christening records for any of Ezra and Jane's children.

It amazes me that you can order a record from England on the Internet and you get back a piece of paper with a facsimile of  the original from over 150 years ago.  Having these original records really help to confirm the information from the Census Records.  You also get information that you don't get elsewhere like the place of birth which usually the home address and the father's occupation.

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