Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Label your pictures!

Theda Hill, Sue Riley's long time friend and friend of the Riley family sent me a package of pictures to scan and share.

There were great pictures which I will be sharing in the future.  This picture is great:

Fortunately, it was labeled on the back,  "My brother Harry".  I know that Elizabeth Maybury Riley had a younger brother Harry.  I really wonder what the circumstances of the three frames were.  If she hadn't labeled it, we would have NEVER figured out who this was.

This picture is why I am telling you to label your pictures:

This very fragile picture was included.  Unfortunately, it was not labeled.  I am sure either Elizabeth or Tom knew exactly who was in this picture and why the men were all wearing  boutonnieres.  There are so few pictures from the English Mayburys and Rileys, I cannot even match faces or a family with four boys and two girls.

The lesson for all of us is to lightly label the back of our pictures.  Someday, they will be looked at by your descendants and they will be much happier if they can identify the people.

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