Tuesday, November 23, 2010

St. Clement's Day: Patron Saint of Blacksmiths

"Come all you Vulcans stout and strong,

Unto St. Clem we do belong,
I know this house is well prepared
With plenty of money and good strong beer,
And we must drink before we part,
All for to cheer each merry heart.
Come all you Vulcans, strong and stout,
Unto St. Clem I pray turn out;
For now St. Clem's going round the town,
His coach and six goes merrily round.
    Huzza, a, a."

I wonder if Ezra Riley celebrated St. Clement's Day on November 23 when he was a Blacksmith?  

From Legendary Dartmoor: 
Saint Clement is also the patron saint of blacksmiths and traditionally members of the Worshipful Company and Guild of Blacksmith's would parade through towns on his saints day - November 23rd. In some places the smiths' would go from house to house collecting money, the 'kitty' would then be taken to the local inn for a day of celebration. It is thought that the tradition died out in the 1940's but has since seen a revival of sorts on Dartmoor.

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