Sunday, November 28, 2010

Two Sisters - Two Clergymen

Emma Louise Frieda Lisette Long (born 1867) and her sister, Anna F. Long (born 1871) both married Lutheran Pastors.

Emma married Ernst August Brueggemann in 1888.  He had recently graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary.  He came to Springfield from Cleveland, Ohio.  He had several churches during his career but more about that later. 

Carl Daniel Griese seems to have had a less direct route to the Church.  He and Anna married in 1889 in Springfield.  They were still in Springfield on the 1900 Census.  He was 34 and his occupation was listed as Grocer (maybe working for her father???).  By 1905 they were in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Census 1905) and his occupation is listed as Clergyman.  Did he graduate from Seminary many years earlier and stayed in Springfield to work for her father?  Did he have a calling later in life?

Rev. Ernst August Brueggemann

Rev. Carl Daniel Griese

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