Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Special: Selma's Thoughts on Confirmation

Selma talked in her diary about how important her confirmation was to her.  She is sitting in front of their home in Zanesville in 1912 wearing her confirmation dress.

In her diary (in 1918), she wrote:
It was a beautiful day, and reminded me of the day in which I was confirmed.  There was a very nice class about 25, their examination did not seem very rigid.  I thought when I looked at the seemingly eager, earnest, loving faces, if they would always think the same as they do today.  Oh! If they only would realize the seriousness of it all, the sin which is committed when their vow is broken.  No doubt this morning they were all earnest when they answered affirmative to the vow, if they would only always think the same as they did today....

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