Monday, January 3, 2011

The Maybury Sisters

As we learned last week, the Maybury family lost both of their parents within a year of each other.  I have often thought of how hard life would have been for Carrie and Lizzie trying to keep a roof over their heads with three younger siblings to care for. They were such young women to have such responsibilities.  They both are listed on the 1881 census as pencil makers. 

Their maternal grandmother came to live with them as well.  Sarah Blakemore Maybury Coleman's husband died in 1874. At the time of her son's death in 1878, Sarah would have been 76 years old.  I wonder if the girls were supporting her as well.

Excerpt from a Letter from Sue Riley to her niece,  Mary Jane Lacke in 1982:

              I never had the pleasure of seeing any grandparents.  My Mother's Mother
             and   Father both died when she was very young.  Her grandmother took 
             care of the kids.  They were very poor, but very proud.

I have a feeling that the grandmother may have cared for the younger children while Carrie and Lizzie worked.

Sarah Caroline Maybury

Elizabeth Ann Maybury                        

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