Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ezra Riley, a loyal family member

Ezra Riley (1828-1913)  will be discussed in detail on this blog as he is Thomas Roberts Riley's father.  There are few mysteries that have not yet been solved but we are working on.

I have discovered that he was a loyal family member through the records.  For example, his dead wife's (Jane Roberts) niece, Mary Roberts was living with his family in Wales in 1871.  He was remarried at the time.  Mary's father was Daniel Roberts, Jane's brother.  Mary was back with her parents in the 1881 census.  You wonder if her family was having financial difficulties at the time or one of the parents was ill or if they thought Wales would be good for her.

Also living with him in Wales was his cousin, Grace Riley.  Her father was Ezra's uncle, Ezra.  He father had died many years before and was a "spinster". She must have been living with them at the time of her marriage in 1877 in West Bromwich.  What is interesting about her marriage is that her husband (Isaac Chorlton) who was at one time was married to Ezra's first wife's sister. Confusing:

Jane had a sister, Bridget Roberts.
Bridget married Isaac Chorlton in 1870
Don't know what happened to Bridget.
Isaac married Grace Riley in 1877.

In the 1881 census Isaac and Grace were living at 7 George Leigh Street in Manchester.  George Leigh Street is where Ezra lived until his marriage in 1853.  More about George Leigh Street later.

Another interesting thing is the Jane's brother, Daniel, was one of the witnesses at his second marriage to Mary Ann.  

It is amazing what you can piece together from documents.  I tend to make up stories or situations about these people who we will never know but in this case, I think the evidence supports it.

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