Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clamor's Sister lets me know when someone saves information from my tree.  Recently, someone saved information about Clamor's older sister, Anna Marie Gertrud.  I really only had her birth record in Germany.  By following the trail from this person, she was also in Cleveland, though it appears that she arrived later.

Her husband was Eberhardt Heinrich Bente.  I cannot find their immigration records but from what I can tell, their youngest son (Otto, a carpenter) came in 1868 followed by his brother (Gerhardt, also a carpenter) in 1872.

Gertrude and Eberhardt were living with Gerhardt on the 1880 census, ages  70 and 72. Gertrude died in 1891 (cannot look her up on the 1890 census as it was lost in a fire) and Eberhardt died in 1887.
Do any of my readers recognize the Bente name?  

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