Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Google Search Terms led me to this...

I can check the search terms that lead people to my site.  This week someone visited the site after googling "Tabatha Schneider-Glawe".  She is the daughter of Rev. David Glawe, grand daughter of Marie Krausman.  This is one of the places that also came up, Cross River Wilderness Centre,  located in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in between Kootenay National Park, Assiniboine Provincial Park, Height of the Rockies Provincial Park, and Banff National Park.  What a life!!!

Tabatha Schneider-Glawe Certified Rafting Guide

Tabatha is a charming and free-spirited person who is very passionate about the water, the wilderness, and guiding. She is the trip leader for all our whitewater rafting excursions on the 
Kootenay River, with a lot of training and interesting credentials. She is a certified whitewater rafting guide, a swift-water rescue level 3 technician, and a certified PADI diving instructor. She has successfully led countless groups on not only safe Rocky Mountain whitewater rafting trips over the past 10 years, but also shark-feeding tours in Honduras; swimming with wild dolphin tours in New Zealand; and snorkelling with Humpback Whale tours in Tonga. She has also acted as assistant dive researcher for various renowned marine biologists at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre on Vancouver Island. Tabatha is a very caring and discerning person who enjoys coupling her guiding and water work with strong feelings about ecological conservation efforts, inter-cultural and community development, and environmental sustainability. She is also a tremendous artist in her own right, as a more-than-capable classical pianist. She has studied under the internationally recognized concert pianist, Robin Harrison, who after years of coaxing, finally convinced Tabatha in August 2007 to purchase a concert keyboard so we could have a piano out at the Wilderness Centre. Robin graciously performed our first CrossRiver concert in the Rockies out here, and Tabatha intends to keep the fire burning.

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