Monday, January 30, 2012

Julia Louise Barlag Confusion

This is a good example of how confusing all this can be.  Julia would be the Granddaughter of CLV Brueggemann.  Her records are really hard to understand.  I looked at Gary Brueggeman's site and am still confused.  I am not sure when her children were born and who their father(s) were.
Here is my record from Ancestry.  I don't expect anyone to actually have the answers, just want to show you how confusing it all it.

What we do know, she married late (age 27) but I think there be another husband as we show one of her daughters born before that marriage.  She was divorced from this husband in 1919 and married soon thereafter (when she was 35) to Otto Birth.  She is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery and she died from an Abscessed Appendix at age 60.  This is the case where we need one of her descendants to set us straight.

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